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PERMEA 2016 - Membrane Science and Technology Conference of Visegrád Countries



Membrane and Electromembrane Processes

15-19 May 2016 - Prague - Czech Republic


Dear Participants,

Membrane processes are included in many technological processes and manifested in everyday life. The PERMEA international membrane meetings, resulted from the initiative of membranologists from the Visegrád countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) in 2003. It originally took place in these countries  originally every two years and now takes place in three-year intervals. PERMEA has gained an international reputation and has become one of creative conferences in the fields of preparation and production of membranes, assessment and utilization of their separation properties, and introduction of new technological procedures to protect the environment. This meeting of experts from the areas of research and application at PERMEA 2016, linked with MELPRO focusing on electromembrane and integrated processes, brings many opportunities to exchange experience and create new ideas, mainly thanks to the presence of young colleagues and students.

I look forward to seeing you in Prague.

Luboš Novák
Vice Chairman of the Conference



Czech Membrane Platform

Mánesova 1580, 470 01 Česká Lípa, Czech Republic

E-mail: conference@czemp.cz

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